CLASS HOURS 8:15 AM - 3:55 PM

Requirements and Guidelines for Admission

All eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have one year of high school experience

  • Be one or more years behind in school

  • Be 16 years old/under 21 years of age

  • Be a resident of Harlandale ISD

  • Must indicate and demonstrate the abilities and desire to earn a high school diploma

  • Must complete interview and enrollment process

  • Each applicant is considered on an individual basis



Half Day Program

AM PROGRAM 8:15 AM - 1:59 PM
PM PROGRAM 10:52 AM - 4:00 PM

Qualifications to attend half day program:

  • Students must have 12 or more credits
  • Must have proof of employment or hardship



Extended Hour Program (EHP)


  • Students must have 12 or more credits.

  • Must have administrator approval.


  1. Hours 4:00 PM - 8:20 PM for attendance - students who do not attend the 4 hours will not receive attendance credit - they will be counted absent. Students who arrive late must stay till 8:30 and skip meal break in order to makeup lost time - that means anyone more than 30 minutes late will be marked absent as there is not enough time in one evening to make up the time missed.
  2. Only 2 students may sit at each table.
  3. No students may it at the conference table, unless he/she is in conference with the teacher or is a part of a mini-lesson presented by the teacher.
  4. Students will have no more than 4 classes assigned.
  5. Students will divide the 4 hours amongst the classes assigned.
  6. Students will have a time line to complete credits or credit will be denied and student will start over. Teachers of Record and EHP teachers need to monitor contracts and timelines.
  7. No headphones, NO TV unless it is a specific program or video in the contract.
  8. Staff may select a radio station or play a CD as background music. Note: the EHP teacher will be responsible for the content of CD's, so do not play a CD if there is any question of appropriateness.
  9. No cell phones are allowed. Students on cell phones during the 4:00 to 8:20 time will be asked to leave, and they will not receive credit for attendance.
  10. No outside food may be consumed during EHP instructional time. Make up hours students need to eat before they report to EHP. If there are meals available they may have one during the dinner break. They may purchase items before EHP and during the dinner break from the vending machines.
  11. Students may not get more than 3 stretch/water/bathroom breaks beyond the 20 minutes lunch.
  12. The lunch break is only 20 minutes - all must be back at work by 6:20.
  13. Students can opt not to take a lunch and work the 20 minutes and then be released at 8:00 p.m. instead of 8:20 p.m.
  14. Students must stay in the classroom library, cafeteria, or courtyard when on break. Students are not allowed outside the gates, in the classrooms in A or B wing, or in the portable area.
  15. Students may get a pass to see the EHP administrator for a book or additional contracts, or an exam.
  16. In case of an emergency, students may use the office courtesy phone.
  17. Students making up hours at EHP will follow the rules of EHP.
  18. Students making up hours at EHP will be working on contracts for classes he/she is enrolled. No credit is earned for sleeping or visiting.
  19. EHP students must sign for books when they take them off the cart and they must sign them back in when they return the book to the cart. The form is available in the notebook on the cart.
  20. EHP students may buy sodas from the teacher work room, but this is a privilege that may be revoked for abuse - the decision will be make by the EHP administrator. 




School Age Parent Program

Social Worker: SallyPresas - cellular210.381.9212
Teacher:  Beatrice Shivers- cellular210.488.2387


To help pregnant andparenting students stay in school and graduate, to be ready for employment orcollege/vocational program enrollment, and to have good parentingskills.


  • Student must attend school regularly.
  • Students must pass the TAAS/TAKS level Examination in order to graduate (unless exempt).
  • If possible, students should enroll in the Parenting education for School Age Parents (PESAP) class.
  • A student whose child is enrolled in child care must comply with all child care regulations and SAPP child care policies.


School Age ParentProgram services are provided at no cost to the student.  Some studentsmay have a parent fee or co-payment for child care tuition if enrolled inservices with City of San Antonio Child Care Delivery System.  Funding forservices is provided by the Pregnancy, Education and Parenting Grant, Careerand Technology education funds, Region 20 and the Harlandale ISD.  Childcare funds may be available through the Child Care Delivery system (CCDS)program.


Round trip,door-to-door school bus services are coordinated through the Harlandale ISDTransportation department.  Child care safety seats are provided for thechildren of SAPP students who ride to child care facilities.


The SAPP program workswith state licensed child care facilities located within the boundaries ofthe  Harlandale ISD.  The program will pay a one-time registrationfee and 100% of the weekly tuition cost.  However, students receivingchild care services are required to apply for eligibility with the City of SanAntonio Child Care Delivery System (CCDS) program.



Stars Program

 STARS stands forStudents Talking About Relationships and Stuff.

Stars is a peer support group for anystudent wishing to participate.  Students are divided into four groups aweek.  Once assigned to a particular day, students remain with that groupfro the entire semester.  We cover a broad range of topics including suchthings as substance abuse, anger management, relationships, teamwork,etc.  The primary contact is Mr. Jaklich or Ms. Christensen. 



Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools Centraloffice
1616 E. Commerce St. Bldg 1
San Antonio, TX 78205

Communities In Schools atFTA
12121 SE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78221

Througha holistic, one-on-one case management approach, the Communities In Schools ofSan Antonio case manager works closely with the school and parents to identifyand address barriers that may exist between students and academicsuccess.  The following are just some of the programs that the CIS casemanager provides; individual and group counseling, guest speakers from thecommunity, health and human service referrals, enrichment activities such asfield trips and incentives for attendance and academics, pre-college and careerawareness, and educational enhancement.  For more information on CIS-SAplease visit the following website:

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