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Mr.  Clinton  W  Henry
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Mr. Henry graduated high school in 2001 from John Marshall HS here in San Antonio.  After graduation, he then spent the next four and a half years in Austin, TX earning his Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.


Upon leaving the engineering field, Mr. Henry followed his sister into becoming a teacher.  He underwent certification at ACT San Antonio and began his career as a teacher in 2007 instructing Algebra 2 at San Antonio Can! high school.  The following year, Mr. Henry was hired by Harlandale ISD to teach math at Frank Tejeda Academy where he currently teaches Geometry and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning.


Mr. Henry was born and raised in San Antonio, TX.  He is a educational product of Northside ISD, graduating from John Marshall high school in 2001.  Throughout middle school,  high school, and some of college he worked in his father's animal hospital as a veterinary assistant.  After high school, Mr. Henry attended The University of Texas at Austin, earning his Bachelor's of Science in Aerospace Engineering. 

Though he enjoyed aerospace, he had no intention of entering the field feeling that he did not have a true passion for the industry.  After college he returned to the animal hospital where he then met a photographer and began working odd jobs as a photographer's assistant.  Shortly into that job, he was hired in Austin by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a permit engineer.  He initially took the job just to try an engineering field, but a cubicle was not for him and he was back in San Antonio eight months later. 

During this transition, Mr. Henry's sister advised that he try teaching; she was starting her own teaching certification, He has since become passionate for the education of youth and strives to give students the skills to become a valuable and active member of society.

Away from the classroom, Mr. Henry spends time in art galleries, book stores and his home photography studio.

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